vagabundenkongress 1929

Der Vagabundenkongress – das Feature vom SWR

Posted on 2. Januar 2015 by Tanja Krone

HOT NEWS: Montag, 5.1.2015 um 19.20 Uhr ein Radio Feature von Julia Tieke zum „Vagabundenkongress“ HIER – für alle die das dreiwöchige Spektakel in Stuttgart letzten Sommer verpasst haben.

In the late 1920s, political activist Gregor Gog founded the “International Brotherhood of Vagabonds” in an attempt to show solidarity to and politically activate artists, and those outlawed from industrial modernity. Under the motto “Strike for a Lifetime”, he assembled the members in a “Congress of Vagabonds” in June 1929 at the Killesberg in Stuttgart. The congress’ polemic pamphlet “What is the aim of the vagabonds?” provides an impulse and a model for the revival of the congress in 2014.  (Stuttgart 7.-28. june)