No Category!

There is a lot of things I’m doing/thinking about (often) that don’t fit in any of these categories.

for example:
Prêt-á-porter-fashion with my favourite collective KEEP IT REAL – read and discuss „mother nature“ and never become tired of thinking about where „it all“ begins.
My teachings – headline: music as social act. Really: can art intentionally be social? Should it be? Where does „social“ start? and how to define art?
My dad in a strong state of dementia. is this work? for whom? for me? and what do you do when that special-care home where he „lives“ is suddenly being sold to an US investor? how absurd can live become?
Then 55 women – whose „clock“ is ticking here? how does it sound?
What about the end?
And finally all the LOVE in that funky business………….

What to do with it?

YOU tell ME, please.